using up the last of my volcano foot mask and love lettuce fresh face mask on myself AND my boyfriend. he is being such a trooper. he whined a bit when i was wrapping his feet in cling film, but he kept still and did as i told him.. i think he’s secretly loving it. i wish i could take a photo for tumblr, but if i do, this will be the first and last time he cooperates with my lushie antics. maybe if i make this a regular thing, he’ll eventually let me take some photos ;)

edit: after rinsing off volcano, i told him they needed more help. i dried his feet and then i scrubbed them a bit more with ocean salt. after a rinse and a dry, i put some lemony flutter on his cuticles, heels, and pads of his feet, massaged it in, then rubbed charity pot lotion from ankles to toes. he lifted his foot to his face, sniffed, and said something along the lines of: “wow! after 22 years of neglect.. they do smell really fresh now.. maybe you should do this to them every day..!” slowly turning him into a little lushie!